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The perfect Tea & Coffee Every time


Design Matters


The way we experience the world around us is controlled by our senses. The more senses we allow you to engage, the better your experience will be. This was the challenge we faced with M Glass. When designing it we wanted you to feel it's quality but, keep it light. We wanted you to love the way it looks, without getting bored. But most of all we wanted each cup of tea or coffee to be as good as your last.


Hand Crafted
Double walled




  • You'll want to show them off - With their sleek minimal design and Mibuu.Mighty will be the centrepiece of your next dinner party or date. 
  • Hot inside, warm outside - Like hot drinks? and Mighty allows you to hold your drink close without ever burning your hands. As soon as your hand connects with one of the Mibuu glasses, you won't want to let it go. Plus your drink stays hotter for longer. This is the best part of thermal glasses.
  • Hand crafted - Each Mibuu glass is made by hand. Why? Because this gives each glass its own character. Like snow flakes, none are ever exactly the same making every one of them unique.
  • The perfect size - After testing hundreds of glasses we have found that these are the perfect sizes, theres one that's just right for you.
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe. 

mini holds 100ml
(3.4 fl oz) 

Height: 90mm Depth: 56mm

Mighty holds 250ml
(8.5 fl oz, size of a mug) 
Height:116mm Depth: 76mm