Starting a Brand

Being designers it's hard for us to think like a business. It's not in our DNA. It's not what drives us. However the wheels of a business don't go around unless it makes money. This has been the hardest thing for us to realise and accept. We just want to do good work. We want to invent, improve and change the world around us. Making it better, more intimate, in a sense smaller. Putting big ideas in small spaces. We are new to this. We are small and learning as we go along. With the current economy we need to learn quickly or we will end up with all the other failed companies. This got us thinking, what seperates successful brands from failures. Is it that successful brands have more talent? Or more money? I know of many failed brands that had plenty of money and talent. So if it isn't these factors what is it? There is so much contradicting information that it's difficult to know what is right and what is wrong. For this reason we decided that we would do what felt right. Does this mean we will get it right all of the time, no. But following our ethics and principles should serve us best. My tastes are so diverse that I don't feel our brand can ever be put into one category. I love food, conversation, rustic design yet at the same time admire ultra modern clean lines. I love the feel of wood but also the colour of steel. I am a big fan of Muji, Bodum, Apple, Google, Jawbone, Zara, H&M, Led Zeplin, Beyoncé. What does this mean for you? It means that guessing our next product will be harder than doing Bikram Yoga (it's pretty tough). But also that many disciplines will come together. Our hope is that we can create amazing products and services that make an impact on both yours and our lives. At the end of the day we want to create products that we can use ourselves. We want to show you everything we are working on. At the same time we want to hide it all so that you are wowed by our finished products. As you can see it's harder than it looks. But as I said we are learning as we go along. Time will tell if we get it right. We have never done any marketing or PR before. Do we need to do this? Well, if no one knows about our new products, they can't buy or help us promote them.

The beginning:

It's been quite a ride so far. Our first product Mibuu.Glass is the end result of a year of planning, designing, funding and production. The Kickstarter community were very generous to us. They showed us that we were on the right track and proved it with their funding. We raised over £33k in 30 days. This is amazing when you take into account that none of these people had seen the product in person. None of them had touched or used it. All they had was our word and a nice video (We made that too). Our aim was to make a product that worked as good as it looked. We feel we have achieved our goal.